About me

Hi everyone,

My name is Sofie. I live near Brussels (Belgium) and I have studied Biomedical Sciences.
My hobby – next to swimming and taebo- is making my own cards.

When I was 15 I started stamping. Actually it was putting ONE stamp (it was a butterfly) on a white paper. Now, I have already more than 100 wooden stamps, a drawer full of paper and lots of extra material  and ideas.

 When I started using Twitter, I discovered a whole new world of art on the internet. There are so many blogs, with – which is the most important for me- so many beautiful ideas. I learned a lot of new techniques during the past months. So I decided to make my own blog. I already posted a lot of cards I made myself on Facebook, but this blog is really something else.

In my free time I’m a babysitter, so I can earn some money. When the children are old enough I learn them how to make cards with stamps and they simply love it!

Feel free to send me an email if you have a question about one of my cards :)